Be a Trustee

Helping middle, senior and aspiring leaders to become charity trustees.

Why volunteer as a trustee?

By volunteering as a trustee you will gain real life ongoing strategic and decision making boardroom experience, which you will bring back into your own organisation.You'll spend time with different types of colleagues, enhance your understanding of wider society and infrastructure, and how key areas of public need are met.

For senior leaders it's about ambassadorship, breadth of experience, and legacy, whilst for those earlier on in their careers it's about confidence, skills, and personal growth.

But for everyone, it's also about giving back, and using your professional skill sets for the wider good. While you build up board room experience, your charity and communities benefit from your knowledge, skills, and input.

Whatever the reason our support can help you develop your volunteering career.

Be a Trustee run many programmes, but at our core, we help organisations to get their leaders and future leaders on to the boards of charities as trustees.

Our programmes and interventions are great value for money and benefit the individuals who volunteer,

their employers, and their chosen charity. We put the work in to make it easy for you and your employees.

We work for each client in a tailored way to support L&D and CSR objectives.

We speak to charities every day about their needs and have a great strike record of getting the right people onto boards that will stretch and grow their potential. We do this by getting to know every candidate and working closely with them, and the charities that they might be best suited for. The effort we put in means that we have candidates joining boards every week.