Board Level volunteering FOR SKILLED PROFESSIONALS

Be a Trustee

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Be a Trustee has been created to meet the demands of a new generation of career volunteers and forward thinking companies. Those who understand the value that board level volunteering can add to their organisations Learning and Development and Corporate Responsibility programmes.

Who we are

Whilst volunteering together Sally and Ronan Connolly realised that their combined experience and contacts in the public, private and voluntary sectors complement each other and are just was needed to drive a company which works across sectors.

Sally has nearly 20 years of public and voluntary sector management experience which includes senior roles at the New Opportunities Fund and Big Lottery Fund. She helped to build and launch over 50 National Lottery grant programmes which delivered over £5 billion worth of funds to large and small local, regional and national projects across the UK. For the past five years Sally has been helping skilled professionals to volunteer as trustees on charities and public bodies.

Ronan brings his private sector experience to Be a Trustee. His past consultancy, pre-sales and sales roles at Oracle, have given him a valuable understanding of different organisations and how they operate. He worked on major accounts such as Barclays and Abbey National and led an international training camp in Hungary. He has since built, renovated, and converted a property portfolio which consists of rented properties and a medieval listed timber framed property in Suffolk as well as now focusing on Be a Trustee programmes.

Our approach

At Be a Trustee pride ourselves on our agile approach and network of experienced associates which enable us to deliver effective programmes at an appropriate level for our corporate clients. We support those who are building senior and portfolio careers but want to put back whilst growing their skills. We work with employers as corporate support for programmes makes them even more effective and exciting to deliver.